More ideas on simulations

September 24, 2009
by Tonje Stolpestad (tstolpes)

-by Tonje

last night I was bouncing ideas of my two biology major room mates and got a crash course in genetics.  Here are two things that jumped out at me as easy to model.

Model currently being worked on:

  • has two gene arrays instead of one.
  • color can be one of 4 colors (0,75, 150, 225)
  • Darker color is always dominant.
  • An offspring gets one of the gene array entires from each parent
  • It is random if the gene from a parent is the dominant or the non dominant gene

Second model: co dominace

  • the offspring’s color code is the average of the parents

Todo next: debug these models and do more research of what is in fact goin on here, build in color for a better visual effect (3 genes, R-G-B, darker always dominant a marble has geneBlue1, geneBlue2, geneRed1 etc.  Which of the pair the offspring gets from each parent is random)

If I am messing up here, please tell m.

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