Possible questions to answer.

September 27, 2009
by Tonje Stolpestad (tstolpes)

-by Tonje

Is using dna evidence (number of neutural mutations) a valid way of dating populations?

  • Lee’s model from wolf paper says no
  • Does geography change this?
  • How does this respond to a changing geography (islands with changing bridges etc.)
  • How would this respond to a disaster (flood, famine etc)? Will we loose important information? (My got feeling is yes)
  • Who would care?

Will landbridges (over roads etc) and wildlife parks (which sort of functions as islands) affect species? If so how? Will we see a string founder effect here? Landscape Paper

  • It feels like this will be easy to answer, my gut instinct says yes.  Might be possible to tie into the previous question.
  • Is it already answered?
  • Model  idea: two areas seperated by one or several roads. Compare what happens when you put land bridges in.
  • Who would care?  The WCS and WCS – living landscapes, other people who deal with wildlife conservation in relation to roads etc?
  • We have chosen to focus on this ( Sun. Sept 27 09)

Other places to present/publish?

  • Smith Colllaborations(“Celebrating Collaborations: Students and Faculty Working Together”). Small, poster and/or powerpoint presentations of research done by students. Will need to check of they will accept this as it is not completely Smith based. Is in the spring.

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