Next Two Weeks

October 28, 2009
by Michael Dale (mrd09)

Two week goals:

— Find exactly what we’re measuring: unless we get a really different, concrete parameter, we’ll probably measuring average number of regions visited vs. bridge width

— Decide on a single base version of our map w/o bridges

— Email the Umass prof that did that paper on corridors.

— By the end of two weeks, we should be able to have a guess at weather width and (maybe) number matters. Data analysis will be in progress

I think I already have a base version I like, 7_3. It’s 1000 by 700 pixels, has a collision rate of 40% per step on the road, road/non-conservation area width of 200, max age of 600, and max population of 100.

Base version has no bridges, I have 10 sub-versions with bridges increasing in width by 10 per version. I’ll post 7_3 and spare everyone 7_3_1 through 7_3_10. Soon I’ll have versions with multiple bridges as well.


Also, check out these maps of actual wildlife corridors. The first is for Jaguars, the second is a general corridor in Australia:

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  1.   tstolpes Says:

    I will take a look at it and make the walls around the road solid.

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