Notes from class meeting 09/23/09

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

-by Tonje


Add in obstacles, islands etc

Local made up

Look up a more formal

Ecology how do people measure something like spatial diversity

This mutation is good if you are in an area where people can see you

Hybrid zones

How do you measure diversity in one area vs. another

Who is going to care?




Founder vs. adaptive

What is the point the sim can show

First sim

Use dna evidence to date populations

Add this to founder

What kind of land bridges

Landscape species model

GIS indicator species


Amazon test patches


Where are they not doing mathematical

Background notes from 09/16/09

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

-by Tonje

Genetic Programming, Push, PushGP

Genetic Programming for finite Algebras

GECCO -publishing?

Finite Algebra

Boolean algebra

Primal every possible operation can be expressed by a term using only AND, OR and NOT

All Boolean functions can be made of NAND

Number of terms grow astronomically with size of underlying set

Find terms with certain properties

Discriminator term, determine primality

Malcev majority and pixley terms

Genetic Programming

Random Generation

-> Assessment





Tournament selection

Elitism not so a good thing

Enough variation


Genetic Hitchhiking

The Push3 Execution Stack and the Evolution Control

Push v3

Open ended evolution of arbitrary computational process

Natural selection or programs expressed in syntactically trivial, semantically rich program representation.

Rich enough to express evolving programs of arbitrary architecture and even the mechanisms of evolution itself

Stack based postfix language

Trivial syntax

Evolved programs may use

Multiple data types


Recursion and iteration

Supports evolution of evolutionary mechanisms

Parentheses are critical for code manipulation


First step

Create Blog

Read what wolf and understand

Diversification of mitochondrial dna

Show what you can and can not know



Panmitic population

Charles Ross


What would the biological community learn

What is wrong with the three of life

Inter fertile

Color web

Trivial Geography in Genetic Programming

Tag-Mediated Altruism

Tags and Tolerances

Varied interaction radius within a linearly structured population